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About Our Company 

In terms of revenue and employment, healthcare is one of most important industries. The global healthcare business today has effective remedies for a variety of disorders owing to advances in technology and research. Our organization, DRM And Company, recently entered this domain for the benefit of society in 2015. Our brand, Hugomed, has established a solid presence in the Indian and overseas medical market in a short period of time by providing high-quality Portable Endoscopy Camera Monitor, Full HD Endoscope System, USB Endoscopy Camera, etc.

As a quality-driven manufacturer and exporter, we make certain that only the highest-quality components and materials are utilized in the manufacturing process. Quality is never sacrificed at any step of the operations, regardless of the situation, because client trust is earned via quality. Each project is completed in a professional manner, from the selection of the appropriate raw material through the final packing of items. Our company is also counted among the leading importers of India. We have a team of specialists that works diligently following the management norms and regulations. These professionals are one of the organizations biggest assets, since they regularly support us in each and every project.

Our Future Goals

  • We aspire to be the number one source for buying world-class medical equipment that is efficient, cost effective, and application specific.
  • In the future, we hope to add additional skilled individuals to our team who can assist us in achieving the highest possible position.
  • We aim to make sure that all areas of technology, processes, strategies, product quality, and design are constantly improved.

Support of Modern Facilities

We have equipped our infrastructure with latest tools and technology to ensure that every procedure runs smoothly. R&D, production,  procurement, quality inspection, and other departments make up the unit. Members of these units collaborate in a friendly manner with the goal of completing all tasks on time and in the most effective way possible. We are able to put forth high-quality Portable Endoscopy Camera Monitor, USB Endoscopy Camera, etc., and other medical equipment, thanks to the tremendous support of our teammates and facilities.
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